Monday, January 30, 2006

A Boy Who Wouldn't Go and Change with the Other Boys in the Change Room, and When..They Finally Made Him... They... found Tattoos all over his Body...

Hayheehoo Asset Management 1:1 leverage long equity performance 2 month period return versus Dow Jones Industrial Average: Asset Size: $5Million
12/02/2005-01/30/2006 Hayheehoo Return: 10%
12/02/2005-01/30/2006 DJIA Return: -0.009%
Hay slowed it all down, so get the hell up, like a volcano, she erupts...

XTO next long position.... clean margins... $1.20-1.30Mcfe versus industry average cost of $2.50Mcfe... MC Fe, is not a techno/hip hop DJ in the Bowery, MC Fe is one thousand cubic fucking feet of natural gas reserves...
Yes, anyone from any socioeconomic-demographic can buy a share of XTO stock. I will not 'revisit' nor hopefully be 'forced to revisit' this absurdly annoying class/race issue through indirect prefaces from my sphere of existence ever fucking again; curb a week of drunken pleasure and you'll be able to afford ten weeks of drunken pleasure if you're patient and disciplined. Keep your dick in your pants. Better yet, take your XTO earnings and buy your kid a reasonable winter jacket, and still have enough to buy your puffy triple fat waste of ducks, and your new NIKE sneakers at the same time you rant against Nike's sweat shops. Enough said.
...Oh wait, I have the primitive propensity for taking sad actions... you look so precious... you look so precious... this will be over soon.


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