Friday, January 20, 2006

Shocking? Average American College Grads are Dumb? No shit...

Unless you had the discipline, hard work, and intelligence to graduate from a top twenty university or liberal arts college(which is a major sacrifice to your youthful years), or unless you weren't top 10% GPA in any other american college, than you probably don't know how to understand a fucking editorial, or balance a checking account. We all know that in the modern era, in America, the average undergraduate college education is just teenage angst prolonged for another four years. At Columbia, it was REQUIRED that you learn how to swim one lap, and tread water for 1 minute to graduate. Of course, more of a ceremonial thing, but give me a break... a certain form of liberal media is going to twist this story into this: 'Yeah, education is a waste, going to work after highschool is virtuous... get a job as a janitor, or welding and auto body repair, that is legit and teaches you real world responsibilty... Well, I actually don't DISAGREE with that spin, but the downside is, you'll lock in the rest of your life with no more progress, possibly stagnating the next generation after generation of your bloodline(if that is your optimum potential though, then awesome, it's perfect and even happy, but sometimes there's more in you)... 75% of american youth are straight up dumb fucks and maybe they should be more RIGID with getting into COLLEGE. As in, you need to have at least a fucking 1200 SAT to get into college, or be top 20 in your high school class. Doesn't matter how rich or how poor and minoric- affirmative action deserving you are... that's the cutoff. CUNY, one of the oldest municipality support higher educational enterprises has in fact started implementing an incentive of this manner. Of course, other 'educational institutions' will pop up, because 99% of American Colleges are a Business first. If they implemented these standards, trust me, the 'average college grad' would not only know how to lay bricks and run a garbage truck, but will also be able to perform quantum physics backwards...


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