Tuesday, January 24, 2006

TROPICO'S NIGHT: A Brand New Installment on TradingandDrugs

Tropico is a moderate level bar/restaurant in Grand Central, by MetLife...Tommy is the man at Tropico. Yeah, authentic American Italian... I'd say second generation... He's the Robert Deniro character in the 'Bronx Tale'. Well, Tommy's 15 year old son is in some trouble with the juvenile prosecutor... some stupid teenage angst act about anti-semitism and anti-negro stuff... but that's just the preface to Tropico Post One on this Blog...

So, here are the demographics of Tropico:
The Regulars:

-60 year old WASPS that hate Japs because they're so good with managing economics...(fucking lambasting until until they die, because they got about 15 years)

-40 year old Italian business men(talking business)...

-30 year old Black Investment Bankers and Traders(fucking ballers that I envy because they can stomach a 15% P&L down day like stomaching Carvel Ice Cream Cake when you need some sugar; hell after 6 years, I still get bent up about losing 5%)

-40 the occasional middle aged women of all demographics...

-30-46 Italian Blue Collar construction workers who forcefully drop 'F' Bombs and say nasty things about their 'ladies' every one to hear. And then take so much pride in having family from Sicily... third generation American fuckers don't know shit on how hard it is...

Tommy doesn't like this last category, because his son got into trouble hanging out with this type. Same time, he's gotta serve these pizanos, because he knows how to run a bar, like Warren Buffet knows how to run a portfolio.

-30 Oh, and did I forget to add the OLC? the One Lone Chink on the hill, that's me(the Mentat staring at Death's Head). The fool on the hill, who doesn't smile.. wish it were otherwise...

...anyways, so today's story is about how I was dumping a shitload of Johnson and Johnson [JNJ] at market...Then these dudes come in, one happens to be a NYSE specialist for JNJ from Banc of America... we chat... he says you guys slammed me today... I says yeah, drink up... that's the Business. That's Existentialism.

So then I hop the train downtown, see a Hassidic Jew... I say,'Slicha?'which is 'excuse me' in Hebrew. An instant smile and surprise on his face...I ask about Tel Aviv around this time, as I liked the weather in2003c.e. He says it's spring to summer, but said he didn't follow the geopolitics, but overall, he said it would be safe there.

I just made a solid return in selling the US economy and buying the Eurzone economies.... I think I will take MUM and the KIDS to Tel Aviv for an entire week. And play paddle ball (Kadima) on the beach along the Mediterranean.



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