Thursday, January 26, 2006

I Could Die Now With No Remorse: FORCED PEACE OF MIND

First Things First: That ultra Fibonacci/ellipse-fan-ret pictured on the far left, is holding ground like the Spartans at Thermypolae... been well over a month now... you ever see that douchebag arsty-poopy movie 'PIE'... yeah this is the real thing... no hollywood pussydom...
Diagnosis Update to Couz:
It's possible that you can suck up all the fucking negative shit until you are 59.5 or 70.5 linear years old. But at 59.5, and definitely at 70.5 years old.... FUCKING KILL and SLAUGHTER EVERYTHING.
LHM, CEC of Lprasert Inc. Chief Executive Cousin

Oh and do I want to 'Play the Field?' I guess this is an american term...
Sure, the FIELD OF PEACE OF FUCKING MIND... that's about it.

In closing:

RIDE CAPTAIN RIDE... UPON YOUR MYSTERY SHIP......Dearest Dubyum, my one true hometown friend......i think you'll be awesome in sentient linear life......cyclically, you will be like me... clinically depressed....of course, clinical diagnosis of major depression equates to this: OOOoooooh, you had the LUXURY of getting DIAGNOSED.... ie) fuck you, you silverspoon fuck, we be real...

LOCKHEED RESPONSE: FUCK YOU TO INCORPORATED CHRISTIAN HELL, FUCK YOU AND I WILL KILL YOU ALL when i reach 59.5 linear years OLD.... DICKHEAD, ASSHOLE... I'M the FIRST FUCKER in my CHINESE FAMILY to speak ENGLISH.... Yeah, Baba my Dad had the same fucking ford shit two door and used station wagon with coagulated coca-cola all over the burn your ass in hot weather leather seats... yeah, during his residency he worked at A&P stacking meat... yeah he works at the VA as a doctor, he's smart as fuck... He could've tripled his income doing Private Practice, but he was Appreciative of AMERICA, and so he gave back by healing as many VETERANS as he could... YET, I hear about Child Support HICKS in KENTUCKY Lambasting IMMIGRANT DOCTORS, saying, "I'm scared they'll prescribe me POISON. And if they do, I'll SHOOT them PLUMB in the EYE." FUCK YOU, you fucking white trash worthless fag.

So anyways, HANDED TO ME ON A SILVER SPOON? FUCK YOU, you FOURTH GENERATION WHITE FUCK WHO's STILL A FUCKING CONVICT, WHITE JANITOR, molesting your daughter, and bitching about that Manufacturing JOB that pays well for your fucking skills. Move to CHINA or INDIA, you'll be the fucking PRINCE of MONACO, scumbag. FAGGOT. I WILL KILL YOU ALL WITH MY BARE HANDS, if you don't open your mind.

My sentient fellows, my lords, my lords, here is my ongoing TATTOO chat on YAHOO GROUPS... I haven't dorked out enough yet to post my DUNE/Frank Herbert YAHOO GROUP chats... but here's my TATTOO GROUP... as a preface, I have enough tattoos all over my fucking body it would make OSAMA BIN LADEN wage a FATWA against OSAMA BIN LADEN...

Colin Tabb wrote:
Lock is always negative - i barely even read any posts anymore because of are the only one who is kills hope on this forum and most of the stuff you say isn't even true.

Nicole C. wrote:
I thought this was supposed to be a support group, not a negativity group, always so negative!!!!

Lockheed wrote:
Give me a break. The Psychological Pain of having Tattoos is Unbounded.... I would rather take the pain of using a blowtorch to my skin.

tattoo_girl_1987 wrote:
Hi Valeria,Congrats on your first session!

Oh, i forgot... this is a blog about trading for a living...
helpful tip of the day: if you grind by scalping small pips.... try to emulate Shaun Alexander of the Seahawks... Go for TEN pips, no more, or at least try to break even(line of scrimmage)... after one week(one game per week), you could reasonably capture over 100yards running... or 100 PIPS.

So, there will be THREE new INSTALLMENTS:
3)Not Dune chat just yet, but occasional comments...
-such as: dude... it's lockheed... let me comment, instead of your RED TAPE delay anti-spam delay shitfuck...


At 10:08 PM, Anonymous Bob2 said...


It's good to see that you still have some FIRE.

Be careful that the flame doesn't go out.

At 1:15 AM, Anonymous mr. u b s ac said...

I’ve been reading this blog since o4. You kinda have to be tuned into the same frequency to enjoy this shit. If your pop really was a VA provider, much respect. I can relate. They knocked down my towers.

At 9:52 PM, Blogger Lockheed Hayheehoo Macedon said...

Yep, he sure is a VA provider, and he sure does deal with the, 'I don't want no gook doctor taking care of me'... and yeah, my towers too... I almost took a career at MarshMclellan's Guy Carpenter re-insurer unit... 55th floor, tower one...


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