Friday, January 27, 2006

FILLER POST: HAL E$1.02 v 0.89; R$ 5.20B

…Yeah, Advanced GDP... my Guild Mentat Map projected such a shortfall...
...but Equity Markets like it, because overall, for the year GDP was 3.5%(for an econmy as big as the US, that's good)... and the 1.1% Q4 GDP was bad enough to knock the wind out of the Fed's rate hiking projections I think... or so the street thinks...'s all about 'sustainable' growth... if you had to guide the economy for a marathon, you wouldn't all out sprint the first mile, pumping your arms and legs like crazy because you'll collapse to a standstill at the first bend in the road... (that's half my fear of the high GDP growth from China and such)...
…and Halliburton(Shallow Hal), which was my week's Halli-Burden, unleashed the energy today with EPS coming in at $1.02 v $0.89; revenues of 5.9Billion for Q4 05' c.e… news of spinning off 20% of its KBR construction unit in an IPO, traded as high as 81 on 3 times average daily volume… now if only Chesapeake [CHK] will awake from hibernation and release its energy…


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