Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sweaty Palms and the Metal Sound of Monday Morning after Pigskin and Whiskey...

...mum and the kids and me went to Chinatown before the game to mingle in the Year of the Dog parade and festivities... we bought some 'party snaps' for Curious and Hay, and Curious kept dropping them without the necessary force to make them 'pop' and Hay kept admonishing, 'George, you keep wasting them'... so we showed him that he could stomp on them to set them off too. We then bought some Hamburger buns and Tostitos for Super Bowl fun... Duncan just stumbled into the door smelling like beer and wet bar wood, and said, 'Got anymore 'Roethless' burgers?'... Hay just rolled her eyes and said, 'quit Hasslebacking us, Duncan'. I will now take one dose of overthecounter sleeping pills and read some Dune Chapterhouse before I attempt to sleep, but probably won't doze off for a while.


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