Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dark Non-Filler Post: Be Lucky to Touch a Voodoo Stock Once, Be Even Luckier NOT to Touch it a Second Time... GOOGLE [GOOG]

Of course, the TV Watching Gluttons of America hear about one sensationalized malpractice, and these idiots that I will kill before I die say thus: all doctors are evil and rich, and they somehow stole their MCAT, Step I, and II scores from an oppressed '.........' man... They never worked hard in their lives, demerit, demerit, please stop... please stop... this is lockheed asking you to stop...

Something about a mass murder today in a government office triggered this post... and we know through exposure that the majority of this occupation aren't all evil and malicious... but how easy it would be to expose the most damning of hypocrisy... I heard about that doctor who misdiagnosed that 1 out of 1000 patients he correctly diagnoses and heals a year(complete with the classic Vietnam Vets hurling their old hat 'fuck you gook doctor, I don't want your immigrant dumbness treating me)...yes, Cliff from Cheers and Dr. Doolittle, are both evil murderous scum... lets all live in mudhuts and drag our lovers by the hair while carrying a club...

please, before it's too late, realize the Self-Limiting train of thought that has been forced upon you by the Elite Masters of Popular Culture... actually read the New Testament before you bash it...

this will all be over soon.


At 9:00 AM, Blogger douchenation said...

Class warfare is so tired. Can't we just let the cream rise?
You know, your dad probably could have switched to plastic surgery 20 years ago, and today he'd be juggling silicone tits, botox, and golf.


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