Friday, February 03, 2006

Of New Cartoons, Concert Tickets, and How My Imaginary Children Will Be Better People Than Me...

The cycle of replacing a fixation with a lesser fixation, a damnation with a lesser damnation, is that the old damnation solidifies, and this process replicates the Pyramid, the most structurally sound object of architecture...

I saw an 'add' for a new cartoon that I know Curious would think was 'awesome', and it would also get him up early on Saturday mornings... but I don't think I can let him watch it... it's called 'Ben 10'. It's about a 'caucasion superhero boy with hi-tech gadgets'... do I need to elaborate why I can't let Curious watch this? As a sidenote, I'm saddened that the Curious George movie will draw out such old hat criticism because of its 'symbolism', similar to King Kong... If you seriously make the connection between a Monkey and a certain Race, than you have serious fucking problems... and who is going to make this retarded 'observation'? That's right, the very people who think they are helping and advocating all this political correctness and the 'uplifting' of the---enough said. I'll just say 'fuck you' ahead of time.

Now, about that new cartoon... The Loud Majority(the average and below average and the extreme tail end of elitism) will say, this cartoon is about another white hero boy, who's third generation Wasp parents have the luxury of equipping him with expensive gadgets, because they 'stole' all their wealth(never worked a day in their lives) from the '................' man. I'll say it again, if you're one of those 'Complaining' third generation white persons in America, and you still find yourself in the 'self-limiting oppressed' category, than you're just plain dumb, and probably a royal pussy...who can't grasp the concept of self-destructive hypocrisy...because you're too lazy to 'think', but always ready to plunge your dick into any willing or unwilling broad... No Abe Lincoln, man is not created equal, grow up... Related note: this was triggered by a recollection of a few months ago when a white 'complaining' type and I were standing near a basketball hoop, and he straightforward said to my chinese face,'So, like, when I see the Asians playing hoop at the Y, I take my keys and lower the hoop to five feet... I get a real kick out of that...' I laughed politely, but it was a really 'boring and unfunny stereotyping comment'. Some stereotyping comments are funny, but that was just tedious. Yet, if I ever said something to that degree towards him, oh my god, call the wrath of god on me. That's why I have full respect for Mexicans in this country... I always see them busting their asses and never complaining... and I know they'd let their kids happily watch 'Ben 10', because they don't have the time for false indignation.

So I've never been to a 'real concert' in a real arena, but I have recently scored myself TWO tickets to the REAL Billy Joel at Madison Square... it's damn unfortunate that Billy Joel(allentown, moving out, captain jack) has now been 'labeled' 'Preppy Pop Music'... I think it's because of the double disc greatest hits that all 'college' kids have. Yes, 'college kids', simply put 'evil spoiled white or jewish or japanese kids'(whatever)...Now where the fuck was I heading... oh yes, I mean, 'oh yeah', my imaginary children will be a better man and woman than me... 5 more decades and I can rest for a little while, we can rest for a little while...


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