Sunday, February 19, 2006

I Should Be Trading, But Those Days Are Currently On Hold...

The other day, my friend and I sat down in this diner in the West Village. It happened to have the Rainbow Banner, meaning 'flaunt your gayness, similar to flaunt your underprivileged childhood, flaunt your poverty, flaunt your humility, flaunt your minority, flaunt that your family can only afford Walmart(yet bash Walmart to death), flaunt that you never went to Disney World as a kid, flaunt you were raped or molested, yadadadada, jeez, you deserve a Nobel fucking Prize (this shit kills me)' . Anyways, the staff at this gay diner treated us noticeably very 'poorly', I don't know the correct term to describe it. I guess you could say they were being 'sexist?' or 'hetero-phobic'. Usually, the most 'elementary' concepts are often the most 'truthful', such as the cycle of the 'Oppressed eventually become Worse than the Oppressor'.

We're going to take the kids to eat with Uncle Pheel. I'm literally going to enjoy eating and not get on a veritable pissdom cyle, I'm going to warp back a few years when things were not so annoying and well, less bullet in the fucking head leaning. But often times, when I do too many 'Filler Posts', I feel an emptiness, a gut wrenching sensation, like I'm being a Deadbeat Dad.

I'm going to hop on the 'L' Train, with nicorette gum in my mouth, and probably, not talk much, even though I wish I could, but a part of me will be chopped off sooner or later.


At 9:45 PM, Blogger douchenation said...

I'm glad you're quitting smoking... but now I can't bum a cigarette from you anymore post-Tropico / Grand Central Shitshow.

I've nothing to say; I'm shitfaced, and still pounding beers. Hammered.

I'm so fucked up. Sorry I didn't call.


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