Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hannifin's During the Record Snowstorm in NYC a month ago...

3 years ago, I remember watching the first MOAB teach Physics 101 to a campus called Baghdad. It was more of a field trip. Anyways, I mention this for 'current news' purposes only... because all I can remember is this cup of coffee frozen in time at a small diner, with two glasses of water, and they were chatting with each other, saying no particular day, no particular night, and how I heard the pepper shaker and salt shaker say the same thing... As such, the weekend comes to a close as it always does, as it will always come to an open... it comes to an end, but it never really does, but we can't remember, we are built to 'forget' some things(as we haven't infinite neural storage capabilities) so for all intents and purposes it ends, and it helps the linear mind measure progress or degeneracy...


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