Thursday, March 16, 2006

My Watch wasn't a Wind Up, but I thought it was...

I had just deposited the interest on my security deposit for a grand total of $6.35. Then I was reading this Kafka book at Waldensbooks under Rockefeller Center, about this guy who wakes up in the morning and finds that he as metamorphosized into a giant beetle! And that's when I get a call that I had to run back to the office(during my lunch break), and put a 40 million dollar order through by 200pm. I look at my watch, it reads 110pm. But my cellphone is saying 153pm! It can't be, I think DST, EDT, EST? GMT? And the funny thing was, that I was more confident of the staying power of my $23 wristwatch that I bought at a suburban strip small about three years ago, because I thought all of SPRINT's satellites jargled up the NYC area and fast forwarded cell phone clocks an hour or something, so I asked a lady for the time, she looked at her cell phone, I didn't trust it... then getting in the elevator it's clocks reads 1:59pm... Now I'm hungry. And the Reaper is sharpening his scythe and it has my name on it. Of course it will break upon contact with my neck, but it is still going to hurt.


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