Wednesday, March 08, 2006

When Curious Was Just A Lil Boy, Standin' to his Daddy's Knee, His Papa said, don't let the man get you, do what he done to me... cause he get's ya...

The Dark Horde rides in force tonight, put up your plows and hoes...

Oh, surprise, Ken Lay and Bernie Ebbers, that's Worldcom and Enron CEO's.... oh, so pathetic... NO SHIT. Did you know that white trash begets white trash? Bernie Ebbers was a Milkman and a Public Highschool Basketball Coach before he took the job at Worldcom.... Ken Lay was a fucking son of a Midwestern Farmer...

Liberals, be careful when you lambaste the evil things they did, sure they were fucking retarded and evil and immoral, but you'll then be condemning the ones you blindly love and blindly suck hard dick too.... the masses, the populists... oh the fucking oppression..... the establishment.... ooohhh the MACHINE... ooohhhh.... we like to rage against the machine because MTV says it's HIP..... HIP.... HIPOCRACY....(sp)

Curious and Hay will never grow up to have Emotional Retardation.


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