Thursday, March 02, 2006

Me and Mum; Went to See Norman Mailer Talk About His New Book

I've only read one book by Norman Mailer, 'Gospel According to the Son', it was a good book, an easy read and actually a more 'user-friendly' version of the New Testament, even for those who 'hate' all established religions because they're established, especially western religions(ie- white people).

Anyways, Pulitzer Prize winning or not, I always thought Mailer was some sort of literary Tom Clancy. His reading was held about the 'Big Empty' a book he and his youngest son wrote. His son was there too. His son reminded me of every american kid in his mid to late twenties or early thirties, or pretty much every kid that old(or young). The super hypocritical anti-corporate type, the 'by all means don't 'sell out' type or you'll lose your 'hipness', yet who's majority of joy in life is based upon derivatives of what corporations by their very nature create and allow to exist.' I doubt he'll grow out of it, because his Dad is the same way and he's 83 years old. That irked me a bit. BECAUSE, I know if their wishes came true(the wishes of the 'Well-Intention Misguided Pussies' [WIMPs], they will bring us all down to Zero, just so there is equality. There is no Equality in Nothing. There's Nothing. And I don't think Mailer would've continued to write novels if he didn't get rewarded monetarily by a corporate mega publishing house(and in gross disparity of concentrated wealth that he supposedly rants against). It's easy to be Poor and lazy and then have that emotionally retarded wish for and see the idealism in socialism(full spoon feeding for your whole life), just as its easy to be Rich and spoiled to have the luxury and emotional retardation to wish for the idealism of socialism. But even with socialism, there will be a central power structure that you'll all learn to hate anyways because you aren't part of it(and with that type of habitual self destructive thinking, you'll never be, nor will your kids; it's a total lack of brass balls).

I'm taking a bus home tomorrow after work. It might crash, and I might burn. Chances are high that it won't crash, chances are high that it will crash, and I will burn, but chances are HIGHEST, that I won't die, which sucks.


At 11:48 AM, Blogger douchenation said...

This is probably your best post ever, and that "wimp" acronym is terrific.


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