Monday, February 20, 2006

The Advertisement Industry Helps Put the Shirt on Your Back, So Why Bite the Hand that Feeds you(pussy)?

This following post states the pretty fucking obvious(hopefully), and will be included as a 'Medium Filler Post'...
The Chuck Norris 'Facts' site has a different format these days. It's still extremely funny and gets millions of hits. With the new format, to submit a fact, it now requires one to 'register'. For the most part, this is because it is bombarded with enough server hits to turn Cisco Systems into a pink sheeet in one minute, and anything with that many eyes on it a day is a solid advertising stream. Of course, the typical mundane onslaught of ''oooh, how evil and oppressive to the common man, the site creator has become a dreaded 'sell-out'', will begin to reverberate from the Anti-All Things Establishment hypocritical pussy type(usually teenagers, or people without the brains for pragmatism)'. I want to tell these children in the voice of Fred Rogers, 'Aww, it's okay to think something is 'nice', even if it's non-accessible to you, sometimes, things are actually 'nice', regardless if it has an air of 'elitisim' or likewise, 'lowliness' to it, it only makes you 'weaker' if you blindly adhere to it, and live way beyond or way below your means because of it(of course 'the image of lowliness is always 'legit' even if it's cheap quality, unnecessary, and unhealthy or unproductive, ie-bring us all down to mudhuts; i won't elaborate on this). Boys and girls, if it means you are helping those you love, and enhancing progress and survival, sometimes, it's okay to be a sell-out. Yes, your Che Guevara Malcom X hipster friends will 'shun you', but at least your kids will be able to afford an education. Yes, I know Mtv says it's a 'no-no', but did you know that Mtv wouldn't exist without 'advertisement'?(and by MTV, I mean, pretty much all the crap that is on every TV station(network or cable), or pretty much everything you hold as ideal. If you have an IQ of 20, you should be able to see this.

It's about 922pm est, it would be sad, but I wouldn't mind dying in my sleep tonight... chances are 99.999% that I won't, but I wouldn't mind.


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