Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tattoo Filler Post...Lenin Read a Book of Marx...

tattoo removal group yahoo member: jeez, I work in Midtown, so I'm close to that laser removal clinic. Everyone in this group should all meet up and compare tattoos.
Lockheed: really. misery loves company more than 2 is the first positive prime number. Compare tattoos? I have so many tattoos in visible areas that you'd think my line of work was 'Circus Punk' at Coney Island. Yeah, welcome to Coney Island. Through hardcore training and sacrifice of youthful fun, I have abdominal muscles that allow me 'puke at will'. Yeah, they would put a 'bulimic anexoric nervosa' in Hog's Heaven, no finger in throat necessary, just add two parts muscle and one part will power... And please don't flaunt your 'bulemia'... it's not fashionably hip when you actually have it. Um, you pussy.


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