Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I'll Read To You Here, Save Your Eyes... a rolling thunder chasing the wind...

The Subconsicous Ego Defense mechanism in all remotely sentient beings prods me to make 'light' of how 'mediocre' my current linear lifespan is, and I almost typed 'will be', but the aformentioned Ego Defense mechanism, will not allow me to write 'will be', because I always leave the door slightly ajar for 'hope', but then again that harkens towards 'religions', and because 'religion' is 'established', it is therefore 100% evil and oppressive, and super unhip to the '..........' man(substitute what you want in the '.........' because I'm pretty sure in your Subconscious Bigotism, you think I mean the '........' man, but I actually don't.(Even though if any of the gods, let alone Jesus lived in your time, you'd fucking ejaculate at his actions and worship what he did, and MTV and the bandwagon liberals would make him its posterboy, as he tore down the establishment, just like you ejaculate to Malcom X and Che and Mao. Of course, 'Rastafariansim' is so legit and straight up, and anything 'unique'.)

I can safely say via P<.001 of null hypothesis, that I am an adept judge of human character and chain of thought. Your actions, inactions, reactions, are predominated by the emotional ball and chain(emotional retardation) and a heavy lack of balls. In the same amount of time of your blind reflex of ignorant motives and rationalization and judgement(yes, you fucking judge as much as the ones you hate), I dissect thoroughly outside of my own self. You don't have this ability. Because it hurts to have this ability. And you are from a bloodline of pussies. Sorry, but I have to become Lockheed, not '..... .... .......' the boy born in linear 77'. It's the age old debate: With all the truthful shit you see with unclouded eyes, is it still better than ignorance? I have to live like it is better.

Yeah, I think, which is most unfortunate, that if I had my .357 revolver which is buried in the memories of wasteful times of youth(I used to shoot it with .38 caliber bullets), I would probably fire six rounds at the moon, because the sun is too far away, and calculate falling trajectory so as not to land in a life-threatening spot, perhaps land in a pond, and thereupon I have a slice of pizza cooking on the Foreman Grill, I have to take it off and put Tobasco sauce on it...


At 8:53 AM, Blogger douchenation said...

I think it's time we stop—Hayhee, what's that sound? Everybody look, it's Tommy Prong.

At 6:44 PM, Blogger Lockheed Hayheehoo Macedon said...


my only laugh for the weekend and well, month of upcoming March 2006 c.e. Earth, milky way.


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