Friday, February 24, 2006

Messiah's Pointed To the Door, But No One Had the Guts to Leave the Temple...

Ballsucking insurgents tried to blow up a bomb at the world's largest oil refinery in Saudi Arabia.

I'll say it once more. You want the the end of 'Energy Oppression'. I specify, because even with the end of that, there will always be New Oppressions. Why? Because 90% of the continually proliferating human population is filled with a cesspool of PUSSY genes. Now, your best bet is NOT to drive oil prices up. Thanks to you Well Intentioned Retarded Rebels, well, I'm THROUGH with saying Well Intentioned. Thanks to you EMOTIONALLY RETARDED BANDWAGON IDEALISTS... you just made the very PEOPLE YOU FUCKING HATE... 10% WEALTHIER today, with your little jihad from a small town called Faggotville. Yeah, in ONE DAY, that's right... VLO, XOM, Shlumberger, you name it... Why don't you just chill the fuck out... and enjoy some delicious hummus along the mediterranean or persian gulf or the seas of africa... YOU THINK THE ELEPHANTS GIVE A FUCK?


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