Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Unsinging the Sung Hero...

Often times the flaunting of self-abnegation is as vomit inducing as the flaunting of hedonism. In the Puritan sense, it would be most holy if one would not appear to be outwardly self-sacrificing; not to say that the combination of self-sacrifice and public praise for one's self-sacrifice renders the act 'null', because certainly it's a double positive with the burden of strife on the composer, but imagine how difficult it would be to be in truth, beneficial towards humanity through self-sacrifice and not only remain anonymous(credit-less), but even be the target of hate and demerit for a hedonism or debauchery that one never committed. To suck that up, I've yet to see such a bold man, now I am rambling, as this is supposed to be about the classic Technical Analysis 101 Bearish Head and Shoulders Pattern on the Euro concluding with Bernanke's minutes...


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