Sunday, April 16, 2006

Of Sugar Cookies and Death's Head...

Unless you have the appropriately engineered system trading program running, don't leave a trade on over the weekend, without a tight stop, especially if your utterly distracted by whatever insidiously hellish frequencies that really fucking stupid decisions of your past let in to your sphere of existence during the final phase of your formative years that will permanently stunt your growth, young man. Hats off master of hellhounds, you've won. But I still have one absurd trick up my sleeve.

Anyways, we weren't able to find the pink bunny rabbit sugar cookies, so we bought regular sugar cookies for the kids this easter night, and milk. Hay surprised Curious by saying, 'Guess what mum and daddy got?' Curious looked up from his drawing pad, and jumped upwards in plush glee as Hay mimicked a rabbit by making buck teeth and reaching behind her head with two fingers extended as rabbit ears. That gesturing combo now equates to 'sugar cookies', regardless if there are rabbit illustrations on the cookie or not. Hay is baking them with mum right now.


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