Monday, May 01, 2006

Bernanke Not So Dovish, 3:13pm... Pandora's Box in my head is too furious...

like I said, the Pandora's Box that was opened in my head these past few years has been difficult to shut... either I succeed, or I crumble like a paper doll, my paper legs folded into multiple crinkles and then wind blown into some crevice... last glimpses at the orange sun of spring... determining if this Bernanke news will be a good opportunity to short the dollar again on the pullback... about 100 pips on the majors since the ISM number at 10am edt... and to buy on dip the Spiders or Quad Q's. [SPY]

...I am going to bobble over with the kids and maybe mum to see the 'Illusionist' in the Ball of Water at Lincoln Center... I need something 'visually' out of the norm to quell my damaging brainwaves or rot-life.


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