Monday, April 24, 2006

Skipping over the ocean, like a stone...

In an earlier 4/21 post, Hay targeted the 115.38 zone with a timespan of about one month; she was correct, except for the fact that we entered a wormhole, and the 115.35-75 zone was spiked in a span of two days. Taking this into consideration, in the post exactly prior to this one, we next performed some routine acceleration/momentum studies along the lines of 'Skipping Stones' across the lake of spherical time, and we targeted 114.75 with a time span of 8 hours to occur during the European hours. As such, we are now amidst price action in the high 114's during the North American hours, and continuing the wormhole path, we are looking at 113.70-90 before running into random trajectory meteorites and asteroids.


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