Friday, April 21, 2006

MOF and BOJ apply countercurrents on VAT/Rates...

Whatever. Was going to write about Japan's domestic tax hikes v rate hikes and which takes precedence if inflation is sustainable(healthy inflation). But it's friday, and I was excited about ordering Hot Soup from the vendor in front of the building, I ordered a clam chowder 12 oz, but then rescinded the transaction, because I only had 2 dollars, and they wanted 3.5 dollars. Vendor spreads are ridiculous sometimes. The thing is, the Soup Vendor has no comparable competition, as he is surrounded mainly by hotdog vendors with their own price cartel. I said the reason why I wasn't going to write about MOF/BOJ was because it is Friday, but also because my brain is at a crossroads, hellhounds of varying degree on both sides, because I'm slipping down the shitslope of relative mediocrity.


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