Thursday, April 20, 2006


HAL PT 100, a typical 'Shallow Hal' oil company, lambasted constantly by WIMPs and Hippies who never grew up. Listen, you can only use the 'excuse' about how you were raised, or how bad your childhood was, up until about say age 21. Everything else afterwards is just pure pussydom. Some people just use that line for way too long.

I will be just as quick to short HAL if the technicals/fundamentals/event risk give me a good probability to do so and hope for it to crumble and burn to the ground if it deserves to. And if it shows signs of this, I'll sell it short. I just quantify all the data points. You hated the vile Enron and Worldcom? Any mega company run by the son of a farmer, or a former milkman would be red flags to anyone. Next time, do your homework(unless you are lazy and happily chalk up your failures to 'disenfranchisement, underprivileged, look everybody, my Uncle raped me, I'm so 'hard', bullshit'. Just do your homework and short the hell out of the next one, and then use all the money you make and spread it out to those ruined by Enron, etc. That's why free markets are the best possible markets.

Right now, HAL is looking strong, even with all the fucking 'crying and moaning and whining' from WIMPs, who could do no better if they tried to run a multi-billion dollar project. What WIMPs can do, instead of justing bitching about the proverbial 'MAN' or the 'Machine', or anything else POP CULTURE shoves down their Well Intentioned BUT Little Brains, because Corporation's know that it's super fashionable right now to be ultra-left, so they feed your brains with: if you can't put in the talent or hard work to become succesful, than in order to feel better about yourselves, continously BASH the Succesful, and put all the blame on your own lack of progress on the proverbial, 'oppression, inaccessible' bullshit. Public Education is available to everyone, and I know a lot of people with hellishly poor childhoods from third world countries who became very successful without every sliding down that shitslope of 'ooh, evil rich white men keep me down'... You're better off buying HAL, generating gains, and then using those gains to do the actual socially conscious items on your agenda. But chances are, you won't save any of it, you'll spend the gains on worthless stupid consumer shit that MTV(basically all pop culture media) shoves down your throat and you lick up the blood, cum, and shit like it's ice cream. I don't mind if consumers buy unneccessary stuff, I'll occasionally buy unnecessary stuff(I bought a poof football at the grocery for $2.35), I don't mind if people buy fancy fashionable stuff, or cool stuff, especially if its a quality product worth the money, sometimes it's necessary for the situation, and it is simply cool; i'm not saying don't have fun, don't treat yourself well, just as long as you aren't hypocritical of it : So many of the NIKE haters have cognitive dissonance, because they love paying ridiculous premiums to buy the latest hipster basketball sneaker, all the while bitching about NIKE's sweat shop shit, and at the same time, they know that Michael Jordan makes millions off of NIKE, yet since he's not 'white', they don't know what to do with their little brains, so they shove their thumbs up their butts and pick on someone else's status that they envy but can't attain due to being dumb and/or lazy/emotional. I don't mind people who are simpleminded and are happy with it and don't spend their live's moaning about 'the System'. But the others are the maximum of hypocrisy and annoyance. And it sucks when they don't even have a clue about how hypocritical they are.


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