Monday, April 17, 2006

China's GDP Q1 above 10%...

Hay's not expecting Hu Jintao to make any specific comments on the yuan while he's here in the states. Nonetheless, I'll be watching the Asian bloc currencies with the scrutiny only a dork like myself can emote. Now that it's getting warmer, I'll occasionally walk around the block after exercising, and surprise the kids with a slice of Rigoletto's Pizza, and some soda pop of their choice. I like to go when night has fallen, and the soft yellow lights cast a cozy ambience upon the bench immediately adjacent to the window. City Bites on 71st, is either truly being renovated or has shut its doors, so I haven't gone there. We like to pretend it's a spaceship at night with a bunch of different species of sentient creatures. Lately, I've been in the habit of standing in front of 'neon' signs in store windows and listen for a buzzing sound. I do this by myself often times between 1100pm and midnight. Sometimes, it relaxes me. I imagine that in the warm weather nights, it will be mildly fun even. There's scaffolding up in front of one of my favorite signs, a sign that reads, 'SOUP ON' in red, so the owners don't turn it on as often.


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