Friday, April 21, 2006

BioPsychoSocial... When I Close My Eyes, I Wonder Why I Don't Despise...

Sometimes, I actually write about Trading and Drugs. Often times, I dabble in and lock down on the circus of politics(The Yankees, the ultimate and awesomest free-market athletic corporation of all recorded linear time, just pulled out Taiwanese pitcher Wang to appease Communist President Hu Jintao, perhaps making up for Bush's intentional or unintentional soft bigotries*), race issues, class issues, socioeconomic issues, that absurd hypocritical smorgasborg of shitfeel that is the essential structure of every fucking living society since the Big Bang; study insects, study mammals, it's a refinement upon refinement with the occasional pitstops into atrocity. Now think of the Normal Bell Curve, two extreme tails at opposing ends, AND NOW REALIZE that true Perfection, just like true Degeneration, equates to Extinction. The occasionally almost survival neccessary dip into social strife, in order to avoid stagnation like a pond with no currents that results in eutrophication...

*Soft Bigotry by definition cannot be 'intentional', as it pertains to subconscious bigotry that one doesn't realize pervade's one's thinking.

ex) It's perfectly okay for African-American men in this country, to blatantly say sexual shit to women passing by. But for any other man, all hell breaks loose upon them. This basically means, the woman who doesn't mind the black man overtly hitting on them actually harbors beliefs that they can be excused because they are 'primitive' in some ways.

Now, a derivative of soft bigotry: Last weekend, after a white acquaintance asked me about a lounge/club in my neighborhood that had a large line of Asians(yellow people) in front of it, I said, "Yeah, I been there once, there's a bunch of rooms, playing various music, usually either a lot of white people, or a lot of black people." My Acquaintance immediately said in astonishment like he was going to piss his pants, "What did you say???!!!" as soon as I concluded the statement with 'black people'.

Basically, the simple use of the words 'black people' to the White Acquaintance's mind immediately triggered overtones of racism, regardless if that was simply a pure observation in my statement. The use of the words, 'black people' makes him automatically think a 'negative statement' will follow. Why? Soft bigotry. When I hear the words, 'black people', I don't automatically think it's going to be a negative statement, maybe it's because I don't have 'white guilt'. Anyways, since WIMPS (well-intentioned-misguided-pussies) seem to be proliferating these days, to the point where I am now literally scared to say things like, "that's a rich tasting fudge, that's poor quality graphics, that's a black colored toyota...", I will answer the question next time as such: "Yeah, I been there once, usually a lot of humans there."

But no, that won't do! What was I thinking? I'll answer next time as such: "Yeah, I been there once, usually a lot of sentient organisms with anywhere from 0 to 4 limbs are there."

Now, for those of you who are reading this post, if you feel like it carries undertones of racism, then you are a soft bigot. I've stated data. Pure and Simple. And I'm not even white or black or blueblooded or poverty stricken, I'm a chinaman.


p.s) My brain is currently reduced to a 3 month old. So can somebody please tell me when to use solely general multiplication rules for probabilities, and when to soley use general addition rules for probabilities? I say, in terms of formula.

P/A and B = P/A * P/B -(P/AB) like shit.

p.s) I just re-injured a pinched nerve in my shoulder by dancing and gesturing like Mick Jagger with 'She's So Cold' playing.


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