Friday, April 21, 2006

650pm EDT 4/21/06c.e. Sweaty Palms... It's Your Favorite Foreign Movie...

This is a re-edit, now 730pm... trying to make it a carefree Steely Dan NYC night, but feel like Deacon Blues based Death's Head...
RE-re-edit 803pm...
Can't get the HTML correct, the archives, and recent posts are way at the bottom now of scroll... somebody help lockheed fix this... and now for some scotch whiskey... 'A' from Rhode Island(Lockheed) on Cramer's show... Had to use RI, because too many NYC callers.
Something is making me ultra-sweaty palmed as we speak. I feel like a claymation Gromit because I can't talk, only gesture today. I might go to Yakitori Sun Chan's somewhere along W103rd and Broadway and bring reading material as the service is slow, making the meal extra yummy. I also want to take a picture of the Pomander housing complex(constructed like an old village), hidden on W94th street. On my keyboard, I have extra layered reminents of dead epidermal cells on the function keys, and the 'W' key. I just realized that with the advent of the internet, the 'W' key is now used as much as the letter 'A', because of www. net .org .com .gov, etc... Usually I take a drug holiday on the weekends, but this sweaty handed apprehensive heightened CNS state is making me paranoid and shitfeel. So I need 1mg of orally ingested benzo. Temperature outside is brisk and downright cold in contrast with yesterday. I'm looking at a 115.35 one month target on the Yen, but who knows how many times you can get shaken out till then.


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