Sunday, April 23, 2006


As always, I like to write Filler Posts after writing what some would opine as an offensive post; so here is the occasional filler again...
Cold rain and winds today... perhaps similar tomorrow.
Before watching the Klitscko v. Byrd fight, where Klitscko simply overpowered the smaller Byrd; we brought the kids to a special mud pond with rainboots on Riverside Park(Hudson). Hay sat with us on the bench, as we watched Curious splash around double feet jumps... until finally she joined in. She wants to win first place this summer in the Junior's Chess Tournament. We also at on W103rd and Broadway at Yakitori Sun Chan's, a great find, good priced selection of japanese food, interior seems to formerly be some small office which adds to the sci-fi somewhat twilight zone ambience to the place.

Also, can somebody help me with the HTML code on the template, so my recent posts and links appear immediately on the side, instead of way scrolled down on the bottom as they are now?
Also, can somebody still tell me when to use the general rule of multiplication probabilities, and when to use the general addition rules of probability, other than simply when it's an 'AND' or 'OR' question?


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