Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tribeca is a Mixture of Rustic Homely Fun and Nice Upscale Eateries...

This Saturday was action packed and fun but I know my psychological condition is becoming fragmented in the manner of death's head and kill with pure hatred unbecoming of me. I digressed, because first we ventured down to the Hudson River and watched an outdoor fencing tournament, focusing on the precision lunges of the fencers, while witnessing the 4 acre brushfire across the river in New Jersey, then taking a train where we ran into Hayheehoo's Uncle(my brother), and then bobbled into Chinatown to see the Bhudda Festival, saw some famous young actors and a b-rate older actor in the Tribeca area and got free popcorn, and then segwaying into the Court District where the anti-incumbent administration protests were in full swing, and then ate braised pork shoulder on a large plate at Peking Duck, walked through Tribeca at night, and saw some strange Bar called Buster's Garage, then watched a boring Lighweight Title bout after getting Cold Stone Creamery... I will try to write this post again, because I've strangely taken an erratic mental shift into Death Hate... and sweaty palms, and must unconditionally endgames...


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