Monday, May 29, 2006

Luck, Don't Be A Lady... Tonight...

I'm not a big fan of Vegas show tunes and big swing bands with vocals, and perhaps the closest thing I like is Tom Jones, which has a bit more pizazz. So I brought the kids down to the Sorrento Cheese Festival in Little Italy, and we watched Frank Sinatra Jr. and his Orchestra for a little while. It was fun and very generic. The fair goes on the weekends in the summer, of course it is not on the scale of the San Genarro Festival, but there was one block with games and squirt gun in clown mouth balloon pop games. Nobody was playing the games, so I let Curious and Hay(as you need at least two players) compete for a large green inflatable alien protoype figure. Turned out, it was so close of a race when the balloon popped that the vendor simply gave the toy to Hay. Curious started a fuss, and kept saying 'nuh uh, I won, I won!' And he and Hay made such a fuss that I said, 'Forget it! Nobody gets the alien!' And I handed the toy back to the vendor, and we marched away in silence. We were initially planning on staying into the evening until Mum came home, and eat canoles for dessert. Even Hay was a bit pouty after that. Then Curious had to pee, which turned out to be a good thing, because I've once again located yet another awesome public bathroom in the Bookstore on the corner of Prince and Mulberry St. It's a really nice toilet, and the closest one around there is usually Crate and Barrel, but this one, you don't even have to pretend your looking at furniture, because it's so easy to pretend to browse through books.


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