Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It's the Same Old Spot as Yesterday... King of Pain...

Centrifugal force is losing its grip on the dollar/yen array that resides along sector 111-113... if you think the dollar is overbought as of late, remember that it wasn't too long ago when that wormhole appeared at 117.00 and launched all matter into the 115.00 range... The previous post on the Euro was correct with speed bumps included... as of now, I like buying sterling/selling dollar in the 1.85 range, but with a tight stop, because it's a far way down afterwards... I made a soft bottom stream for Chewy that goes into the woods, but he damned it up with stone overnight... Hay was upset that the Debate teams from other states were able to skip school this wednesday to travel here to NYC for the weekend national championships at Hunter College, and are staying at the dorms... I said if she wanted to, she could stay at Uncle's place to simulate away from home professionalism.


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