Wednesday, May 31, 2006

That Time of Season Again and Never...

So, yesterday, me and mum took an evening walk along the Hudson and grabbed a drink and watched the Yankees at Boat Basin... The kids caught wind of this, and badgered me to take them today... so as in my previous post, when I said I was going to clear my mind before June 1, 2006, I had to bring the kids with me down to the Hudson... Be that it's almost the summer, there are many fun events that take place down on Hudson Riverside South park, or the boardwalk'. So we bobbled down by the newer boardwalk which has been around for about three years now, and low and behold, the Outdoor Grill(not Boat Basin Cafe) was alive and grilling. Curious was busy making 'meh' noises at the canadian geese in the river, until he saw the lights under the canopy... the sizzle of burgers caught our olfactory bulbs. Now, the beer there is a good price for the location, $5.00, and since it's not really a bar, you are not inclined to tip, basically Pier 1 Cafe and Boat Basin know they can't start shaving each other for business or they'll all be out of business. Of course, the burgers carry about a 20% premium, which is mainly for the fun of eating outside by the river at sunset. So every now and then it's a treat. Hay pulled on my sleeve, as of course it's that hot time of season where I still wear longsleeves to hide my embedded inked arms and body. Hay then asked,"Can I have a burger Daddy, oh can I?" I gave in and said, "Oh Okay, USA." And then Curious asked for a burger too. "NO. You'll take one bite and not finish..." I admonished. "Oh, but he can get shoefries!" said Hay. I rolled mine own two eyes, "Shoe 'string' fries, Hay," I said, "And we're going to share them." They chatted and munched away as the orange rippled sunset faded to black... Hay is old enough to know that during this time of season, Daddy's income is volatile, so some months, like the month of May, there will be no fun burgers... and some months burgers a plenty... such is the case... it's 930pm, and they are tuckered out now... I for one have some continuing education and research...


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