Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Study Guide I have Sucks...

Mum and her friend are still at the Yankees game waiting for the 10th inning to start, after a much needed windy rain lightening thunderstorm... I didn't see the philharmonic, but I did get a good view on W72nd of the fireworks afterwards, right in time before the thunderstorm... I need to get the Schwesser CFA study guides, but the June 2007 edition isn't out for orders until late July 2006, and it's July 19th in about 6 minutes. P(AB) = P(A) x P(B/A) P(A orB)=P(A) +P(B)- [P(A)x P(B/A)]... and I'm waiting for a strong CPI and Core in about 8.5 hours, and then a hawkish Bernanke all day long... and a YHOO further dumpage, as the top line beat, but the bottom line missed.


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