Thursday, August 17, 2006

Adding KLAC to GrindList(also, photos aren't uploading on blogger lately... :(

In the previous post, AAPL was the first Grindlist stock to trade intraday...
I'm going to add KLAC, it's somewhat tighter than AAPL, with about 80% of the volatility... So two of the libraries near me are open till 8pm one day a week, St Agnes is open on Tuesdays till 8pm and Riverside branch is opne till 8pm on Thurs. Today after DELL earnings, I studied at Riverside, and since it's near lincoln center, around 7:20, I went to see outdoor Tap Dancing with jazz piano. It was really cool. Then I treated myself to an ice cream cone from a softee truck. Now I'm going to 'steam room' at gym first, and then workout, since they shut off the steam room at 9pm, even though the gym is open till 10 or 11pm weekdays.


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