Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I Was Born With A Plastic Spoon in My Mouth...

So FOMC was a 'dud'... for now... slightly dovish, and me and mum saw a dead canadian geese floating in the Hudson river... didn't know what it was, till it got closer, and we smelled its decay... I'll tell you right now, if the economy goes into recession... I'm packing my bags and will not come back until June 2007. Don't try to dig what we all, ssssss say..... Trading Spiders/Diamonds while trading Usd/Jpy btw 2:15pm-4:00pm, even with three monitors and hard stops, is a task. Like I said in previous post, pause or not, it doesn't matter...

...substitute... my coke for gin... your lies for facts... I see right through your plastic mask...

and now some pics from magic sunday...


At 9:56 PM, Blogger The Human Piranha said...

let me ask you somthing..

- do EUEM spreads blow out when US recedes?

besides GOLD where does the money flow when US recedes?

the front end + Euro$ is a common answer.

if you were long eurodollar gamma 9/11/01 you surely did well as the front end rallied..

but what else is considered as a safehaven?

are we finally at the stage where the safehaven title of the short term USD is becoming dynamically dependent on circumstance and irrelevant?

and on the other side, if US growth rallies, do EUEM spreads tighten?

if you have a general opinion, that does not take up too much of your time dude i'd like to hear it.


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