Thursday, August 10, 2006

And please electronically sign the following promissory note:
I, Goblin, will not Gromit upon returning home tonight.

_Goblin___________________ 8/10/06-8/11/06

Hehe I just googled the chop wizard. With that and the pasta express we could make a gourmet meal in seconds.

Subject: RE: Vidalia Chop Wizard...
It costs $19.95.
I could put it on my credit card, or I can gather up some quarters from the piggy bank in the shoe rack.

No attachment? Can’t see what Vidalia chop wizard is? But I want it for my birthday…

Subject: Vidalia Chop Wizard...
I might be able to afford this for you birthday.... I could picture you chopping safely apples, bananas, donut peaches, etc....


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