Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Two Rallies in a row...

AAPL (Apple) similar to GOOG can be solely traded each day, without ever trading anything else. Simply Apple stock, no options, no other markets, CFDS, just Apple. And you can make a good living. It is volatile even if there's no news. And the range is at least $1-2 bucks if not 4 on days, so you can even make a good living trading a mere 1-300 shrs.

So after my vacation, I'll pretty much be doing that, till AAPL volatility proves otherwise...

oh wow, what I fucking exciting post this was... so fucking exciting and interesting.

the price of HKSR( hate, kill, smash, rip) is now consolidating around $10,000 per share. I was short one share at $1.00 dollar back in June 2006. So that's a loss of about $9,999.00 since June.


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