Saturday, December 16, 2006

Good Study Areas in Manhattan: The 5 Research Libraries

So, there's the branch libraries, and then what I will now call the 5 Megas. The Ultra-Mega is simply the Bryant Park Library, which is hands down, a marvel. So I just discovered the closest 'Mega' library to my home, and that is the Lincoln Center library. Not to be confused with the Riverside 'Branch' library. The L Center Library is a Research library. It has three floors, each equipped with long broad reading/studying/research tables, with those really nice aerodynamic seats. On the 3rd Floor, there's a large reading room. And on the bottom floor, there's even a reasonably intricate 'museum' that you can peruse for acting buffs, and I saw a 'real' Academy Award Oscar in a display case and one of those Tony awards. As for the bathrooms, they are clean enough. And they have tons of internet enable computers in case you need to check on the 'marqueta de cambio'. The hours are reasonable, and it's open on Saturdays. To check out hours and locations near you, please click on this link:


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