Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tired Eyes on the Sunrise, Waiting for the Eastern Glow...

...I ended up hiding behind a bush, and snipering this Dranean chick with a lethal shot from my BK7000 blunderbuss(rifle), after her show(10 silver per show)... and now my weekend journeys in Alzeroth will soon be shortlived, as I lay claim on a possible career again... luckily I've built good enough credit during the employment years that I can still get loans at decent rates even though I'm dead broke, with a negative net worth. Just read an article on some collapsing mortage lenders in the subprime market, and trying to figure out how bad and which companies fucked up by selling mortgages to some seriously spotty credit histories, and then I'm going to get a loan from 'them', and then short their stock(if they happen to be public, which I know few are).


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