Monday, March 12, 2007

Falling Threes, or Crowes, a Nonlinear Signal...

...I'll read to you hear, save your eyes... Double Dorking Out on Alzeroth, my Warcraft Guild here(read the chat by clicking on the picture)... The thing is, we were right about the DJIA out of the money puts after the little shakeout in early March. We get the volatility premium, and now the theta decay... and now an inflection point in the Yen... with cheap 'Into the Void' Black Sabbath playing in the background... I'm still stuck between a rock and a shit place. I need to be alone to survive. It must occur. And I was reading about robot vacuums which I wrote something about on another blog, and it was about last Christmas when I was going to buy a cheap inflatable robot on remote control treads, which stood about 3.5 feet tall when inflated and was going to tell Hay and Curious to turn their collective backs, while I put two oreo cookies and a glass of milk on the inflatable tray that the robot had, and then drive it up to them and mimic in a robot voice: 'Greetings, cookies and Milk Earthlinks?' But I never got the robot, and for the most part, currently, robots would probably be from Earth and not outerspace, so they wouldn't say 'earthling', in fact the robot was from Robot Village, a small store up on Broadway past Fairways, and I went in, and the guy asked if I was a robot builder. And it would've been one of those things that I get, and use once or twice and then it collects dust and takes up too much space, and as I write this, dollar/yen is continually getting snubbed at 117.75-76, and hopefully, this time people will give up and let it drop again, as it's the 7th time today it has failed to break, and it's NOT a good carry trade level, when you should technically have a clean path down to 114 handle, and now it's starting to slightly break... now it's deflected back down, if it breaks, I am financially dead again.


At 11:55 AM, Blogger SphericalZoo said...

Have you seen the commercial for those indoor helicoptors? They're so awesome. I have to get one, mostly to mess with the cats.


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