Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring is Here, And I'm Gonna Have my Own little SubPrime Meltdown...

...well, that's that... I have about 2 months left... almost end of March 2007, exam on June 2nd, lease up in about two months, Warcraft subscription done... I'm gonna take out a 30K loan, and trade independently... I've given up on ever getting a serious job ever again in my life. I've thrown in the towel. I just want to pass my CFA exam, and that will be my small victory. It probably won't open up many doors anyways, because I am damaged goods... I went wrong in youth and early 20's, and now I pay the moderate price of death. So I figure Capital One will have to write off 30K in bad debt, big woop, and then I walk off into the sunset. Will probably spend $1000 of the credit on a 1 week all inclusive vacation to somewhere like Tel Aviv again, and walk through the Arab quarters in Jerusalem with my Kippah on, and then kiss the Wailing Wall with my Turbine on, and then if I'm not blown up, shot to death, or some other sort of beyond description violent death, I will walk from Jaffa along the Tel Avivian coast, play some Kadima ball with an old man, then lay down in the sun, and the walk into the Mediterranean, and swim out until I just tire out, and drown... I'll pick a sunny day, or the closest thing to it I guess...


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