Friday, May 11, 2007

Weeeee May Never Pass This Way Again...

Chances are this is my last summer in Nyc for a while, unless I catch an outlier so extreme it will re-write the bell curve. So I promised to let the kids stay up late on the weekends, and chaperone them around town at night when I had the time... 'silent buzzing' of neon signs on less crowded cross-streets, dimly lit awnings... in the hot summers, I like to stand in front of these isolated signs, in a pseudo-trance, usually the Soup On light at Hot & Crustys (which is being renovated). Anyways, took Curious and Hay to the still 'somewhat' new water fountain at Columbus Circle around 10:30pm, and Curious splashed Hayfield, and Hay lost her 'mature tween' front and they both engaged into an all out splashface battle, until I stopped them and explained that it will just start encouraging all the other kids to do it, and then they'll put up signs saying 'No Splashing'. And then Hay said, 'but what if they put up a neon sign?'


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