Sunday, June 03, 2007

What A Field Day for the Heat...

My sleep schedule is ultrafucked now. Thanatos won't come for me. I would be presumptuous if I said he was making an effort to stay away from me. But Thanatos doesn't bother with the mediocre. Somehow, I lost 40 bucks. I went to the atm and must've forgot to put the money in my wallet, because there's no way I got mugged or pickpocketed, unless there was somebody with mad skills... I mean, seriously, I even deducted with a pen and paper the 40 bucks from my checking account, and it just straight vanished. I'm completely boggled by it.

'And now you know'... is what I penultimately told myself today. I won't and I can't elaborate on the awfulness of my day/night/dusk/dawn, because it would render me a corpse.


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