Thursday, July 21, 2005

Rise Up... Rise Up... Behold, the Table Floats Ten Handles in the Air...

This photo is either the end of time or time captured in a public high school textbook in the late 70's. What it really is, is another Hudson sunset on the New Jersey side... well, Curious and I captured fireflies, which he calls firebugs, and put them in a vitamin water bottle, but made sure to let the out when we left the park on the philharmonic night(two nights ago)... two days later, China continues to play its seemingly proper hybrid centralization-freemarket philosophy, and eases up on the yuan(renmimbi) float... Asian bloc(yen) rallies big almost 3 handles, and as I write this, there is a brief retracement, as Japanese Tertiary Index proves to be weak...then the last of greenspan's humphrey hawkins, a sludge of earnings, and more terror ploys, and then, and then... I'm fading...


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