Tuesday, September 06, 2005

ISM-Services Robust... And I don't care...

Despite a rally in major indices and a drop in crude oil, the dollar fails to extend gains made earlier in the session, trading in a tight range ahead of Royal Bank of Australia's rate decision and GDP numbers(which has taken place as it's 10pm now), and tomorrow's Bank of Canada rate decision(which will take place when I'm so fucking rotten tired and miserable), where traders look towards a hike of 25bp and a continued hawkish stance.
I saw a hawk around the new fountain at Columbus Circle, and then brought the kids to the U.S. Open before they started school. It was 'awesome!' they said. Tomorrow I go to a besuboru Yankees game. Holy shit, I am mad and ready to kill and yell and feel terrible remorse about three or four hours later...


At 4:50 PM, Blogger jeff dandel said...

Hello Curious, Hello Hay it's Uncle Jeff...I've been away...led astray. I strove mightily for that last great oompah loompah but could not reach...frothy beer mug in my hand...I drink obscene amounts but it does me no good....I have a liver made of titanium or so it seems...I wish Curious could lob a snowball my way again it would go good with the crabcakes....

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