Thursday, December 01, 2005

Grinding Tip During Stagnant Trading Waters...

Good for thick low price stocks and forex

Use a 15minute chart period... Apply the following Bollinger Bands
1)The classic 20 period/2 standard deviations
2)a 20 period/3 standard deviations
3)a 96 period/2 standard deviations

3SD is for closing a loser and scrutinizing a breakout...

96 period 2d is for general range and confluence strength; if coincides with the classic 20 period 2d, indicates strong level or support or resistance...

Muad Dib is the penultimate fool... as I read about his twin children before bedtime of dorks


At 11:51 PM, Blogger jeff dandel said...

I'm curious about Curious' level of curiosity. Moreover, I wonder about his monkey. I often think of your sweatpants pulled up tight...the closest comparison I can make is that I intemittently wear a corset, cinched tightly at the bottom but loosened at the accomodate my massive goiter, whom I have affectionately named "Louis XXI"


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