Friday, November 11, 2005

This Milk is Fun, But the Rim is Abrasive to Lips, so I Make the Kids Use a Straw; UMICH okay, UAW stops bitching and GM gets a bid... in, somebody put in a buy order....

...anyways, I'm going to see a play of 'Bartleby the Scrivener'

...very fitting for me these days...

before it wouldn't have made sense:
'Lockheed, develop a delta neutral strategy on forward notes, and 5 year with 50% of the bp and then develop a quant model on implied and real rates so you can automatically short the term 12x15 forward, and go long the 9x12 duration with a leverage up to +75 or -75 in order to gain 32basis points over the entire 1yr forward real rate and have it done by 400 GMT...' Lockheed: I prefer not too.

Nowadays.... 'Lockheed make 50 copies of this statement'
'I prefer fucking never to do so.'


At 10:21 PM, Blogger douchenation said...

Melville's Bartleby, the Scrivener can be found here.

Lockheed has given me express permission to place my link here: Douche_Nation

As a longtime friend of Lockheed's, and a faithful reader of Trading & Drugs, I think you'll enjoy it. It's informative and funny, albeit Forex-free.


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