Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hi. I'm Slightly Perturbed. Oh, and about the Bank of Japan...

To have disinflation, one must have inflation from zero or deflative environments and I could surely see some 'noise' in the short term with hiccups of inflative pockets in Japan, but nothing sustainable... countering deflation is like the upward motion of benchpressing, if you can't do it, it's a slow death(you actually just roll it off, or tip one side if you are stupid enough not to have a spot) and countering inflation is like resistance training with slow twitch fibers, as in letting a heavy weight down slowly, but if you can't do it and give out, it's a quick death.

Japan for the past 20 years has gone from a 120lb man trying to bench 225lbs(a classic benchmark for athletes) to currently being a 160lb man trying to bench 235. Bottom line, sometimes it looks really fucking stupid when you have the classic 2x45lb weights on each side of the bar topped off with little 5lb weights, unless you're just trying to max out one rep. So when they pull you out of the oxygen tent, you ask for the latest party... In any case, right now as I type this, I have sweaty palms, either tragic or comedic, but I could only pray for bittersweet. There's gonna be sorrow when I wake up tomorrow...


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