Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Similar to the Chuck Norris Fact Site...

I might write something about Movie Scenes that seem so plausible to have occured but never did.
To give you a look at the severity of my downward mobility in regards to what goes on in my head these days at work:
There are stalls in the bathroom that have automatic flushers. So they flush after the motion detector goes off when you walk about 6 inches away. I actually pictured the actor Brendan Frasier in one of these city offices, playing one of his stupid roles with his shirt off, like Tarzan, and as I write this I'm now creating a cliched pg-13 movie(he's in the office bathroom of say some city girl he falls in love with, who's father is CEO of some company that is going to cut down trees in his jungle), and after the motion sensor flush goes off he gets all excited and making whooping noises, and then some employee with a suit on says, 'Rough night?'

Please comment with your own plausible 'scenes' if you too, have no life...


At 2:32 PM, Anonymous goldmans_sac said...

Fuck, man I waste @ least 1/3 of my thoughts constructing elaborate fantasies, sometimes violent but mostly sexual, albeit not approximately sexual, i.e. railing some hook, rather, how nice it would be if that blonde & pink business manger who works for the M&A fagatrons would come sit next to me sometime – and we talk – and then me and her fall in love, and move to Italy (as American sanctioned spies) to infiltrate Milan’s most prestigious currency dealing desk, and vehemently illustrate to powerful us market movers the implied benefits of shorting the entire ECB MS. After reaping mad profits I begin funding African revolutionaries through an offshore entity entitled ‘Mandingo’, fronted by a character played by Brendan Fraser, while her and I said around the world on a 120ft sloop called the Prinz Zu seeking perfect, remote locals for commercial marijuana cultivation.

At 10:49 PM, Anonymous Lockheed said...

That is definitely plausible. Hats off. However, that would be the entire length of the movie. If that was simply one scene, the movie would be 10 hours, and therefore, could NOT be played on Bonanza Bus lines traveling from New York City to anywhere south of Bar Harbor, Maine where I used to catch tiny crabs during low tide over twenty years ago. In fact, if I sleep tonight, it would be pleasant to dream of sea salt scent and seaweed whisping my toes.

At 3:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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