Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bleeding Has Stopped, But another Fucking Fucked Up Pseudo-Long Weekend coming up...

...ever since my operating system crashed last summer, I haven't had MS word or excel... and I officially refuse to go to Kinko's anymore, as they literally charge 30 cents a minute to use their fucking 1985 dial up connection, and deliberately fucked up mouse and mousepads that you have to shove with 20 pounds of pressure to get the cursor to move 3 inches, and never mind left click or right click, it takes about 10-15 clicks to get it to actually highlight anything... and it takes about 10 minutes just to open up microsoft word... I literally tried ripping out my fucking credit card from the suck device when I logged off, and it just froze there... 30 cents a minute? That's $18.00 an hour, let alone it's a fucking 'dance-club' in there where apparently the employees are allowed to blast music during their shifts while ignoring the customers. Fuck you Kinkos. You're so fucking lucky FedEx bought your lazy ass.


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