Thursday, June 22, 2006

Almost another Weekend... I'm going to be sick...

...I don't know if it's New York, or if there's been a massive increase in so called 'colleges' advertising and popping up out of nowhere like the dotcoms of yesterdecade... There's one add I see occasionally on the N, R subway line, that is called 'Bransomfort' or something, and it has the most hilarious looking Italian-esque kid sitting in a library of sorts, smiling at you. Everytime I see it, even if I am in the worst fucking mood yet to date(like today), I still start stifling a laugh at how absurd the kid looks, and how utterly happy he looks, like he just snorted a line of cocaine and got a solid high from it. And then I personally look absurd, because I'm sitting alone with a scowl on my face and then burst into a half-demented smile. I want to meet that kid(if he was actually a student there) and give him an A-.

It is now consistently above 90 degrees in NYC, and the ONE THING I have that is OKAY, is that I have NO PROBLEM ANYMORE enduring the heat with Longsleeves on so my fucking trash tattoos don't show.


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